Corporate Activities Standard

1. Fundamental Attitudes

  • (1) We will always comply with rules such as relevant laws, company regulations and company ethics.
  • (2) We will always take faithful actions in all aspects of business activities.
  • (3) We will endeavor for open communication.

2. Action policies

  • (1) We will comply with the relevant laws, company regulations, etc. and conduct correct business observing the company ethics.
  • (2) We will offer products, technologies, and services (labor) that are widely useful in society and that have safe, reliable and excellent functions.
  • (3) We will offer products, technologies, and service that can satisfy and win the trust of consumers and customers, at a fair price, on time and with assured correctness.
  • (4) We concentrate the technologies and know-how of the Toyo Seikan Group and provide comprehensive support to our customers.
  • (5) We proactively promote development of new markets, new technologies and new products with due consideration to preservation of the environment, safety and hygiene in order to further satisfy and win trust from consumers and customers.
  • (6) We conduct our business with maximum consideration to preservation of the environment in our full range of business activities.

3. Respect for Human Rights and Individual Personalities

  • (1) Every individual is precious to the company as well. We will always respect human rights and never unfairly discriminate.
  • (2) We respect personalities and individualities of others and endeavor to fairly understand other’s positions in order to build mutually trusting and cooperative human relationships.
  • (3) We endeavor to assign the right people in the right place and to fairly evaluate employees so that each person may thoroughly exert his/her capabilities. We also conduct proactive self-enlightening activities, not being satisfied with the status but constantly utilizing every opportunity.
  • (4) We endeavor to create a safe, hygienic workplace for everyone who works at TOMATEC, including cooperating companies, based on the fundamental principle of “placing priority on safety above all else”.
  • (5) We endeavor to create a workplace where everyone can trust and cooperate with one another through smooth business reporting, communications and consultations between divisions, between superiors and subordinates, among the employees and between TOMATEC and our affiliates/cooperating companies in our daily businesses.

4. Proactive Efforts for Preservation of the Environment

  • (1) We comply with environmental laws in all aspects of our business activities.
  • (2) We will establish a voluntary management standard and act proactively for environmental preservation, in order to conduct all aspects of our business activities more systematically and effectively.
  • (3) We proactively participate in recycling activities by the government and business entities.

5. Sound Relationship with Customers, Suppliers and the Government

  • (1) We comply with laws and observe contracts and always conduct fair, transparent and free transactions.
  • (2) We never conduct illegal business activities as a matter of course and never pursue profit through unfair objectives or measures.
  • (3) We limit entertainment of our customers or suppliers (including ceremonial occasions) within the range of social common sense.
  • (4) We maintain a sound and transparent relationship with the authorities and administration.

6. Appropriate management and disclosure of information

  • (1) We have established a management system and rules for important information gathered through business activities, appropriately and strictly manage the information, and abstain from using the information for reasons other than justifiable purposes.
  • (2) We disclose the company information that the society needs to know in a prompt and appropriate manner and maintain a fair and transparent relationship with the stakeholders.
  • (3) We will not utilize undisclosed “important information” learned through business activities for purchasing and selling of stocks, etc.
  • (4) We aim to be a company supported by our technologies, and proactively protect the results of newly developed technologies such as high value-added products as our intellectual property in order to create new markets. We also respect the intellectual property of other companies (parties) and execute our business without violating any laws.

7. Attitude against Antisocial Forces

  • We are determined “not to be afraid of”, “not to supply money to” and “not to use” any antisocial forces and we will never have any relationship with them.

8. Distinction between Public and Private Matters

  • We comply with the laws and company regulations, draw a line between public and private matters and always take right actions, as the company is a public site.

9. Preparations at Overseas Businesses

  • In execution of transactions overseas, we observe the local laws, respect the culture and practice and contribute to development of the relevant countries and regions through fair business activities based on the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.