TOYO SEIKAN GROUP Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct and Guidelines of Behavior

Ⅰ. Management Philosophy

Management Policy

We will constantly create new and innovative values, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people’s happiness.


We will honor dignity and always strive to be fair and unbiased in every way. All of us will fully demonstrate our own strengths and expertise, and contribute to social prosperity while we grow and thrive as an individual, a corporation or a group.


We will aim to become the Group which can provide unique and innovative technologies and products that will meet global expectations.

Ⅱ. The Toyo Seikan Group Code of Conduct

The Toyo Seikan Group (the “Group”) pursues, under fair and free competition, new value creation and honest and responsible behavior, and will be the driving force to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to human happiness. To that end, the Group will take social responsibility with high ethical awareness based on the 10 principles stated below, while complying with the relevant laws and regulations, international rules, and the spirits of such laws and regulations.

[Sustainable economic growth and solutions to social issues]

1. Through innovation that transcends traditional ideas and existing perspectives, we will develop safe and useful products, systems and services to offer them to the society, thereby seeking sustainable economic growth and solutions to social problems.

[Fair business practices]

2. We will never forget our past mistakes. We do not pursue only short-term profits; we promote fair and free competition, conduct transactions properly, and engage in responsible procurement activities. We also maintain sound relationships with politicians and governments.

[Appropriate disclosure of information and constructive communication with stakeholders]

3. For further improvement of corporate value, we proactively disclose corporate information in an effective and appropriate manner and hold constructive communication with our wide range of stakeholders.

[Respect for human rights]

4. We respect all human rights.

[Mutual trust with consumers and customers]

5. To gain the trust of consumers and customers and ensure their satisfaction, we provide appropriate information on our products, systems and services and communicate honestly.

[Reform of work styles, improvement of work environment]

6. We provide opportunities for employees to develop their abilities, respect their diversity and their different personalities, and ensure fair personnel management and appropriate human resource allocation. We also establish new work styles that allow employees to balance their work and personal lives while developing a worker-friendly environment which focuses more on health and safety.

[Commitment to environmental issues]

7. Commitment to environmental issues is a critical issue common to all mankind and is also essential for our existence as a corporation and for our business activities. Based on this point of view, we proactively address environmental issues.

[Participation in the community and contribution to community development]

8. We, as good corporate citizens, make active participation in the community and contribute to community development.

[Comprehensive crisis management]

9. We ensure that our comprehensive crisis management system works effectively to prepare for possible incidents such as acts of organized crime groups, terrorism, cyberattacks and natural disasters, which pose a threat to people’s daily lives and business activities.

[Roles of management and complete understanding of the Code of Conduct]

10. The top management of each group company recognizes, in executing its duties, that it is responsible for demonstrating the spirit of the Code of Conduct (the “Code”), and fully informs its employees and group companies about the Code by establishing effective governance. The management is also responsible for encouraging members of the entire supply chain to behave in accordance with the spirit of the Code. If there is an event that is against the spirit of the Code and could result in the loss of social trust, the management must fulfill its duty by taking the initiative to resolve problems, identify causes of the problems, and prevent the recurrence of the problems.

Ⅲ. The Toyo Seikan Group Guidelines of Behavior

Preconditions of the Guidelines of Behavior

We must fulfill the following preconditions to implement the Toyo Seikan Group Guidelines of Behavior (the “Guidelines”).

(1) Comply with rules, including laws and regulations of the relevant countries/regions as well as policies and procedures of the Group and group companies.
(2) Act honestly with high ethical standards in accordance with common practice, good sense and good judgment.
(3) Perform duties as a team or an organization, and ensure that appropriate procedures that are authorized or formally approved are performed; not to perform duties in a way peculiar to a specific individual.

Scope of application

The Guidelines are the basic standards of behavior which all officers and employees working within the Toyo Seikan Group must implement and comply with.

Items in the Guidelines

1. Sustainable economic growth and solutions to social issues

  • ▪ Creation of innovation
  • ▪ Quality and safety assurance of our products, systems and services
  • ▪ Utilization of data and protection of personal information
  • ▪ Utilization and protection of intellectual property rights

2. Fair business practices

  • ▪ Fair competitive relationships with competitors
  • ▪ Responsible procurement activities
  • ▪ Appropriate export control
  • ▪ Prohibition of bribery
  • ▪ Prohibition of conflicts of interest and mixing up public and private matters

3. Appropriate disclosure of information and constructive communication with stakeholders

  • ▪ Transmission of corporate information
  • ▪ Constructive communication with our stakeholders
  • ▪ Prohibition of insider trading

4. Respect for human rights

  • ▪ Respect for human rights

5. Mutual trust with consumers and customers

  • ▪ Provision and effective use of information
  • ▪ Response to diversified needs

6. Reform of work styles, improvement of work environment

  • ▪ Acceptance of diversity
  • ▪ Prohibition of discrimination and harassment
  • ▪ Continuous growth and challenges
  • ▪ Promotion of work-life balance
  • ▪ Maintenance of health and safety

7. Commitment to environmental issues

  • ▪ Achievement of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society
  • ▪ Creation of a society in which people coexist in harmony with nature

8. Participation in the community and contribution to community development

  • ▪ Active participation in the community

9. Comprehensive crisis management

  • ▪ Preparation for an emergency
  • ▪ Separation from organized crime groups
  • ▪ Preparation for threats of terrorism
  • ▪ Ensuring cyber security

Countermeasures against violations of the Guidelines

Any violation of the Guidelines will be strictly punished based on provisions of the work regulations and other rules of the relevant group company according to the extent of the violation.