New Products

Ink for Ink-jet Printing (Solvent Type)

Image of Ink for Ink-jet Printing (Solvent Type)

TOMATEC's ink for ink-jet printing is of superior adhesiveness and rub resistance. Our ability for "flexible customization" through joint development with the customer to meet individual material specifications is our strongest advantage.

TOMATEC's technology greatly expands the potential of the printing. Let us know your needs.

Main Applications: Ink for industrial ink-jet printing

n-FAS (Silver Antimicrobial Agent)

Image of n-FAS (Silver Antimicrobial Agent)
Image of n-FAS (Silver Antimicrobial Agent)Image of n-FAS (Silver Antimicrobial Agent)

"n-FAS (nano-FAS)" is a silver antimicrobial agent developed using TOMATEC's proprietary technology. n-FAS's advantage is that it provides antimicrobial properties even when added in small amounts since it allows nano-silver particles to disperse uniformly in base materials such as plastic resins. Moreover, it does not produce initial coloration on the base material.

Available as masterbatch (PP, PE) or dispersion (MIBK base), we promise to improve the values of your products.

Main Applications: PP- or PE-based plastic films and fibers, coating materials (where MIBK-based dispersions are allowed)