•The Measure for Environment

TOMATEC Environmental Vision and Approaches

The protection of the global environment is a critical issue inevitable to humankind and is one of our most important social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

TOMATEC consumes natural minerals, organic and inorganic industrial materials as raw materials as well as oil, gas and electricity to manufacture a variety of products: frit, complex inorganic color pigment, and thermosetting plastic products such as gelcoat and BMC.

All products depend on natural resources and chemicals. Therefore, we recognize the environmental impact implemented through our business activities, and are taking positive steps to reduce the impact.

We issue the environmental report on our environmental activities, through which we wish to have your understanding of our intention. It will be obliged for your valuable comments and opinions on our environmental protection activities.


TOMATEC conducts its business activities based on an environmental policy which is described concretely in the Basic Philosophy and Action Policy presented below.

Basic Philosophy

TOMATEC strongly recognizes that protection of the global environment and further, qualitative improvement of the global environment, are the most important common tasks for the human race, and as a manufacturer of glass frit, complex inorganic color pigment, and thermosetting resin products, as a supplier of imported raw materials for ceramics and industrial chemicals, and as an engineering company of enameling plants, is committed to contributing to the betterment of human life and culture while continuing to give careful consideration to the environment in all aspects of its corporate activities.

Action Policy

1. The company will establish the necessary organization for promoting activities to preserve the global environment.

2. Together with observing legal, regulatory, and other requirements, the company will also establish voluntary control standards and make efforts to achieve continuous improvement in environmental control.

3. The company will promote product development and technical development with due consideration to environmental preservation.

4. Together with making efforts to achieve energy savings and resource savings in all of its corporate activities, the company aims to reduce the load on environment by reducing amount of, or recycling the waste that it generates.

5. With regard to substances with a high environmental load, including air pollutants, substances that contribute to global warming, and harmful substances, the company will switch over to substitute substances and adopt substitute technologies wherever possible.

6. As a global citizen, the company will positively participate in social activities.

7. In order to raise the environmental consciousness of its employees, the company will conduct education, enlightenment, and public relations activities, and will support their voluntary participation in the local activities.

8. The company will set environmental objectives and targets, and review and improve them annually.