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Gelcoat and Topcoat are used as surface coating materials for bathtubs and washbasin counters to protect the surface of FRP products and achieve a beautiful finish.TOMATEC has further improved the weather resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance of these products with its proprietary technologies, and offers a wide range of related products that can be used not only for FRP products but also for waterproofing and paving of roads, rooftops, factory floors, and other fields.

Gel coat
Beautiful and smooth FRP surface coating

Gelcoat is a coating material that gives design and functionality to FRP products and protects the surface of the base material. TOMATEC Gelcoat is designed for various applications, including excellent hot water resistance that prevents whitening and flaking and excellent weather resistance that minimizes yellowing and gloss deterioration. It is utilized in several applications ranging from water-related products to outdoor products.

Main applications
  • 水タンク
  • ユニットバス
  • 車輌部品
  • 覆蓋
  • 風力発電機
  • レジャーボート・船舶
  • サイロ
  • カプセルホテル
  • 医療機器
  • And more…
Top coat
Coating agent with excellent weather and chemical resistance as well as high work efficiency

Topcoat is a gelcoat with air-curing properties applied as a finishing material. Like gelcoat, it is designed for a wide range of applications, from construction and civil engineering fields to landscape and interior materials.

Main applications
  • ベランダ
  • 屋上の防水材
  • プール
  • 水族館の水槽
  • 船舶の内装
  • And more…
BMC(Compression molding material)
Press molding materials with excellent design and dimentional stability

BMC(Compression molding material)is a molding material used in heated press molding. Our products are made by uniformly dispersing and mixing polyester resin, fillers, glass fiber, and other materials. With our proprietary kneading technology, we can achieve superior moldability, dimensional stability, and designability.

Main applications
  • キッチンカウンター
  • 洗面カウンター
  • 樹脂シンク
  • モーターカバー
  • ランプリフレクター
  • And more…

Environmentally Friendly Products TOMATEC is committed to manufacturing environmentally friendly products

Styrene free anticorrosion materials
Styrene-free for environment and workability

TOMATEC's lining material is made of non-styrene vinylester resin. It has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents, and heat. It is suitable for anticorrosive use in concrete structures, etc., that are constantly exposed to severely corrosive environments. It also conforms to the concrete corrosion prevention guidelines set by the Japan Sewage Works Agency.

Main applications
  • 下水処理場など各種処理場の防食工事
  • 防液堤
  • 化学工場
  • 各種ピット
  • And more…
Low odor flooring materials
User and environmentally friendly odorless non-styrene hybrid resin

Odorless water-based non-styrene hybrid resin is utilized for this product line. It does not contain any of the 13 substances designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare nor any of the six substances identified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as causes of sick house syndrome. It is a non-hazardous painted flooring material with excellent chemical resistance, adhesion resistance, and workability, enabling one-night finish installation.

Main applications
  • 食品工場、公共施設などの床面
  • And more…
Water based coating
Water based coating with special resin with reduced odor

Our one-component, water-based paint's high weatherability and durability for long-term outdoor use make it perfect for asphalt and concrete. It is low-odor and sick house syndrome resistant, and can be easily applied with a roller or sprayer. It is quick-drying, has low-odor properties, and heat shielding properties can also be added depending on the application.

Main applications
  • 遊歩道
  • 駐車場
  • 自転車専用道
  • 各種工場床
  • 公共施設
  • And more…
OEM / Semi product
Custom made offers by experienced formulator and blender

TOMATEC offers contract processing of various resin-based products and intermediates, from low to high viscosity, based on the coating and compound mixing, dispersion, and color matching technologies we have cultivated over the years. We also offer contracted formulation development services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with mixing, dispersion, or formulation.

  • ディスパーミキサー(ディゾルバー)
  • 3本ロール
  • トリミックスミキサー
  • ビーズミル
  • CCM調色機
  • 耐候試験機
  • And more…
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