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Advanced Material





Next generation functional materials

Coating, encapsulation, insulation
Multi-component glass with a variety of functions

Environmentally friendly and high durable inorganic pigment

Add color to Life and society with functional resin coating

Pioneer of trace element fertilizer


With Glass frit, inorganic color pigment, gel coat, and trace element fertilizers as the mainstays of our product lines, we can precisely meet a wide variety of advanced needs.


TOMATEC Quality around the whole world.

In the midst of intense globalization, this may not be something that stands out in particular.
However, as you broaden your perspective and look around you, you will realize the solid expansion of our field.
It will become clear our products are firmly rooted as beneficial beyond oceans and language barriers.

Over 70Countries
Overseas Production 67%
Overseas Sales 60%

Research & Development

We believe that many of the materials required in the future will lie beyond the deepening and fusion of core technologies. Through technological development, we aim to evolve the materials we have today to be even more environmentally friendly, and to create technologies and materials that will continue to play an active role longer and widely in the future.



TOMATEC is a member of the Toyo Seikan Group. We offer a variety of environmentally friendly materials to contribute to society.


Please see this section for our initiatives that contribute not only to society as a whole, but our customers, employees, and the environment. Here you can see how these actions help contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).