Coating, encapsulation, insulation
Multi-component glass with a variety of functions

We use our unique know-how to expand the possibilities of glass applications and develop frit with various functions such as decorative, physical, and chemical properties. Our customers in a broad spectrum of business fields, from electronic devices and housing equipment to automobile manufacturers, appreciate our advanced technologies.

Coating application

Porcelain enamel frit
Remarkable improvement of acid resistance, alkali resistance, hot-water resistance with various apperances

Porcelain enamel frit can significantly improve performances such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and hot water resistance in base metal.
Tomatec offers a wide range of porcelain enamel frits for various base metals. Included are, cast iron, cold-rolled steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and frit flakes. We also offer secondary processed products, such as (general-purpose slips, slips for electrostatic glazing, R.T.U. (Ready-to-Use), R.T.M. (Ready-to-Mill), and electrostatic powder). Another key feature of our frit is a thoroughly reduced environmental impact. In recent years, regulations on environmentally hazardous substances, such as heavy metals, have become increasingly strict in Europe and other countries. Tomatec has surpassed these regulations with advanced technologies. Our products have been adopted and used by many manufacturers that are expanding their business in the global market.

Main applications
  • 家庭用器物
  • 内外装パネル
  • 熱器具及びその部品
  • 熱交換器耐蝕エレメント
  • システムキッチン
  • 浴槽
  • And more…
Glaze frit
Beautiful and durable coating with characteristics and functions of ceramic materials

Glaze frit is a glass coating material for tableware and other items that have ceramics as their base material. The main requirement for this product is to be environmentally friendly. In this case, lead-free. We comply with the world's strictest regulatory law, Proposition 65. The State of California in the U.S. enacted Prop 65 to prevent lead from leaching into ceramic containers. We have achieved a high level of lead-free glaze frit. We have also strengthened our response to various types of ceramics, which have different characteristics for each tableware manufacturer. Another of TOMATEC's major features is its extensive experience providing custom-made products that meet individual needs in detail.

Main applications
  • 高級食器
  • タイル
  • 衛生陶器
  • 黒鉛坩堝
  • スパークプラグ
  • And more…
※Bone china, Earthenware, Dolomiteware

Functional applications

Frit for grinding wheel
Various options to match the characteristics of each abrasive grain and the sintering temperature range

TOMATEC has substantially expanded the scope of frit applications with its advanced technology. Its products are also being applied in unexpected sectors. For example, frit is used in grinding wheels for tools used in grinding metal parts and materials, mainly in the automotive, steel, and bearing industries. Abrasive materials include alumina and silicon carbide, and their bonding agents include vitrified (porcelain) and resinoid (resinous). TOMATEC's frit is frequently used to bond vitrified grinding wheels. TOMATEC provides products tailored to customer needs with its advanced technology in these fields.

Main applications
  • 砥石
  • And more…
Frit for steelmaking materials
AKNAS, frit for steelmaking materials, prevents oxidation and decarburization of steel and other materials at high temperatures

Some of our unique products meet the needs of our customers by applying frit technology. For example, our product Acnas, was developed for steelmaking based on our glass coating technology. It is an oxidation and decarburization inhibitor which prevents oxidation and metallurgy of steel and other materials at high temperatures. This property makes it an exceptional fit for major steelmakers. When applied to steel material before heat-treatment, Acnas simplifies post-treatment processes of cutting, polishing, pickling, etc. It also contributes to yield improvement of steel products by minimizing, scale loss (material loss due to rust formation).

Main applications
  • 鋼板
  • And more…
Filler for resin
Artificial marbles with transparency by adjusting refractive index and heat resistance

TOMATEC's inorganic material technology has been fused with plastic to expand the world of frit to other materials. TOMATEC filler (transparent inorganic filler) is used as a transparent filler for artificial marble. This transparency is achieved by adjusting the refractive index of the glass. Due to its excellent heat resistance, TOMATEC filler has been used in bathtubs and washbasins.

Main applications
  • 浴槽
  • And more…
Filler for heat resistant coating
Improves heat resistance and durability by adding to the paint for motorcycle exhaust etc..

Used as a type of additive, fillers for heat-resistant paints improve heat- resistance and strength of paints. Fillers are already widely used by leading motorcycle manufacturers in Japan and abroad. Recently, the application of these fillers has been gradually expanding. For example, they are now being used to coat the outside of frying pans. In the future, the applications for these materials will apply to a wide range of fields where fire and heat-resistance are required.

Main applications
  • And more…
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