Pioneer of trace element fertilizer

Glass frit technology, which can add various functions by changing the raw materials of glass, is also utilized in the field of agriculture. FTE is one of the products with our unique know-how. FTE is trace element fertilizer that contains six trace elements (manganese, boron, iron, zinc, copper and molybdenum) that are essential for the healthy growth of crops

.F.T.E. fertilizers are used by many farmers to produce high-quality crops. Unlike conventional water-soluble fertilizers that can run off with water, it provides nutrients steadily over a long time with less risk of excessive damage.

Fritted Trace Element

Do you know that glass gradually dissolves in the soil?
TOMATEC supplies glass fertilizers containing six elements (manganese, boron, iron, zinc, copper, and molybdenum), which are trace elements essential for the healthy growth of crops, using glass frit production technology.
FTE is an environmentally friendly comprehensive trace element fertilizer so that these trace elements are slowly dissolved and absorbed during the growing period of crops. Products can be supplied according to the conditions of each soil, allowing crops to grow in optimal conditions that suit the characteristics of each region.

Main applications
  • 野菜
  • 果樹
  • 花卉
  • And more…
F.T.E Intoduction video

Introduction video of TOMATEC's trace element fertilizer, F.T.E.
In addition to the features and advantages of F.T.E, how-to-use and fertilizer effect on various crops are available in the video.

Agricultural Research & Development Center

In order to be of service to farmers, we need to confirm the effectiveness and usability of F.T.E. from the same perspective. For this reason, TOMATEC has set up its own farm to conduct test cultivation, which helps us to create highly reliable products that farmers can use with confidence.

Long term coninuous test to confirm the safety of F.T.E.

Long-term continuous-use tests are also essential for the commercialization of FTE. Crops are carefully and slowly grown over a long period. TOMATEC has conducted continuous tests on the same soil for more than 20 years to confirm that there is no excessive accumulation of ingredients or soil alteration as long as the proper amount of FTE is maintained.

Verification of the effect of the fertilizer application on the own experimental farm

In order to demonstrate not only soil safety, but also reliable effects on crop development, TOMATEC tests all of its products by growing a variety of crops on its own farm.

Basic research on trace elements

To produce high-quality products, TOMATEC also focuses on basic research and contributes to the development of the industry as a whole. We achieve this by presenting the results of our research at conferences such as the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer Science.

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