Next generation functional materials

TOMATEC is committed to solving new requirements and providing next-generation functional materials with environmental harmony and superior functionality.

Lead free and low melting point(Sealing, bonding, sintering aids)
We provide glass materials for electronic applications such as circuit boards and other applications that require strict control of glass composition and particle size.

Our glass materials are widely used in various fields of electronics for bonding, sealing, coating, and as sintering aids for electronic devices. TOMATEC can provide products in numerous forms including powders, pastes, and molded products, and can meet customer needs with material designs optimized for each application.

Main applications
  • 抵抗体(焼結助剤)
  • レンズキャップ気密封止
  • And more…
Circuit protection coating
As a coating material with insulation and smoothness

As a coating material requiring insulation and smoothness, glass frit is used as a cover coat for electrode wiring on ceramic substrates. It is also utilized as a cover coat for magnetic and resistive materials. We can respond to custom-made products according to customers' requirements.

Main applications
  • 抵抗体(カバーコート)
  • 磁性体
  • And more…
Glass frit is used to lower the sintering temperature of LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics) substrates.

Glass frit is applied to lower the sintering temperature of ceramics for co-firing low-resistance wiring metals like silver and ceramic substrates such as alumina. Since glass frit an electronic circuit substrate, strict control is necessary for glass composition and particle size. We have a lineup of glass frits that meet customers' needs in terms of electrical characteristics, thermal properties, and coefficient of thermal expansion.

Main applications
  • LTCC
  • And more…
Rechargeable battery materials

TOMATEC provides functional complex metal oxides in the form of these oxides from the synthesis technique of inorganic pigments and functional glass materials by the smelting and milling technique of glass frit. The main applications of these complex metal oxides are, solid electrolytes, active materials. The functional complex metal oxides are often used as raw materials. We can provide custom-made products, such as composition and particle size adjustments. From small samples, such as 10 gram, to actual products are available in powder form.

Main applications
  • 二次電池
  • And more…
Inorganic coating
Maintenance and repair of structures with shortened processes

Our inorganic, solvent-free coating material is based on alkoxysilane and is used to coat concrete and steel surfaces. Since it does not contain solvents, there is no odor or VOC emission during application.
Inorganic coating has excellent durability (discoloration resistance, chalking resistance, and rust prevention) distinctive to inorganic materials. The coating process is shortened compared to conventional coating processes.

Main applications
  • トンネル視線誘導
  • 橋梁
  • 鉄塔
  • 水門
  • 住宅の壁
  • 落書き防止
  • And more…
Silver based antibacterial agent
Big antibacterial effect with small adding amount

"n-FAS" is a silver antimicrobial agent developed with TOMATEC's proprietary technology.
Since silver nanoparticles can be dispersed uniformly in base materials such as plastic resins, even a small amount of n-FAS exhibits antimicrobial performance. Various master batches (PP, PE, PBT) are available. We can also develop other products with the requested resins.

Main applications
  • プラスチック
  • フィルム
  • 繊維
  • And more…
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