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always for you and with you

Since its foundation in 1950, TOMATEC has provided many products to society, including glass frit, complex inorganic color pigment, gel coat, top coat, various materials for artificial marble, and trace element fertilizers. The import and sales of raw materials, have actively promoted overseas development.

We aim for further evolution and development through our own technologies and products based on Toyo Seikan Group's management philosophy of "Always creating new value, seeking the realization of a sustainable society, and contributing to the happiness of humankind.

In order to fulfill our mission to society, we will continue to create new values and seek to realize a sustainable society while keeping in mind our management's mantra, "TOMATEC -always for you and with you-". We will contribute to our customers, our stakeholders, and the development of society by providing technologies and products that earn our customers' trust while satisfying them, all with the aim of creating new value and realizing a sustainable society.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Shuichi Takata, President and Representative Director

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